Our company consists of three basic departments. Each department has its own specifics and its projects. They cooperate and share information to ensure the best possible outcome of each project. At the same time, we are teaching each other and moving forward the boundaries of our knowledge and skills. As a result, our company and its employees can quickly develop, increase their expertise and expand their product portfolio and service quality.

Company history

  • Establishment of the company:

    The company was founded by Mr. Jiří Veselý

  • Establishment of the Control Systems Department (ŘS)

    Design, commissioning and subsequent servicing of control systems

  • Establishment of the Industrial Automation Design Department (PPA)

    Designing, manufacturing and commissioning of control systems switchboards

  • Establishment of the Heavy Current Department (PS)

    Design, production and commissioning of switchboard cabinets of the power part of the power generating units